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 Right from the dawn of time, it is assumed to take action that results in the least harm and instead constitutes economic development, but it has become human nature to take action and to take action only when the disaster hits. With use of synthetic plastic, the disaster has already started. The toxins and components that are used to create it have already created a great deal of harm to humanity, and so we're looking around these days to see what harm has already been done. Biodegradable plastic means plastic that is degraded on its own, ensuring that it does not need to be burned or demolished in order to get rid of it because it decomposes spontaneously, creating less stress damage. They are considered to be manufactured from natural materials such as corn oil, orange peels, starch, plants, sugar, etc. Degradation happens as the viruses and bacteria that cause the degradation are attracted to them because it is typical of attracting them. As a result, they are broken down and eventually degraded by helpful bacteria, and they do not cause any damage in the way of release of poisonous gases, or they may be pillaged. There have been a lot of plastic waste that is only left questionable on its deterioration or application. It is also necessary for the hour to be eco-friendly and to optimize the use of biodegradable plastic to satisfy the needs and requirements of plastics and to keep the atmosphere and air, water and land secure.


1. Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic 

This type of plastic is manufactured using the same technologies as traditional plastic, with very little extra expense involved. It is manufactured from fossil fuels, oil and natural gas, with just a limited quantity of a pro-degrading additive applied to the production process that alters the process of deterioration of plastics. This form of plastic is eaten by bacteria and fungi to the extent where the substance has biodegraded to CO2, water and humus. It does not leave Petro-polymer particles in the soil and has in fact passed the normal eco- toxicity checks, seed germination and body survival checks. Oxo-biodegradable plastics are currently manufactured from naphtha, a by-product of oil refining. The time it takes for Oxo-biodegradable goods to degrade can be 'programmed' at the time of the production process. It takes a few months to years to decay, but it does not emit toxic chemicals, such as methane or nitrous oxide.

2. Hydro Biodegradable Plastic

Hydro biodegradable plastic is produced from plant sources, such as starch, and the degradation is caused by hydrolysis. These forms of plastic degrade quicker than Oxo- biodegradable plastic and can be industrially composted. They are temperature tolerant and the only bioplastic to break down in both soil and water. Polylactic acid or PLA is the most widely used biodegradable plastics. They too do not at any point emit potentially dangerous methane gas.

3. Photo-Bio-Degradable

A third type of biodegradable plastic is photodegradable that responds to ultraviolet light. But it needs initial Oxo-degradation, failing which bioplastics would not degrade in any other environment. Some biodegradable plastics now under review are plastics made from sugar, banana peel, avocado, seafood, waste oil. Biodegradable plastics are packaged in fruit, shopping bags and many other items. Bioplastics have a great deal of capacity to be composted, reducing the burden on landfills and playing a larger part in environmental protection.

Author: Ritu Choudhary


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