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Industrial Use of Plastic

Due to their flexibility and toughness, plastics have also found their way into the automotive sector. If it is the building industry or the manufacture of plastics, it is commonly used for various purposes. It is widely used in manufacturing processes because of its features, such as-

1. Durability of

Many plastic materials are as solid as if they were not heavier than those metals. Plastic machinery is most also resistant to rust, allowing it to survive forever outside in inclement weather.

2. Cost Productivity

Cost is an important element in any building sector, as is the case in most sectors these days. A lot of plastic materials are very economical.

3. Recycled

Unlike steel, some plastics can be recycled without losing any chemical properties and can thus be used over and over again.

4. Energy savings

Plastics absorbs less heat than concrete. The insulating effects of certain plastics can also minimize the amount of sound emission.

5. Security of

security Plastic materials are normally much thinner than metals. The lightness of the material makes it easier to hold and lift.

6. Simple to setup

A while back, we wrote about the FRP bridge that had been completed in just a few days. The light weight of plastic materials makes installation simple and convenient.

The multiple applications in the building industry are as follows:

1. Flooring:

Plastic components such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene are used to make flooring less wearable and tear-prone. It also lowers the amount of sound noise which can be quickly washed.

2. Roofing:

Two layers of different plastic materials are needed to protect the exterior surface of the roof from injury. The upper part is made of colored thermoplastic olefin or vinyl, while the lower part is made of polyurethane foam which consumes less energy and keeps the interior of the house cooler. 

3. Isolation

Polyurethane spray is also used for insulation when building green or low-energy structures. Rigid polyurethane foam is known for its high thermal tolerance, which encourages stability in temperature. Polyurethane foam is also common because it is lightweight, chemically resistant and flame retardant. Owing to its closed cell nature, polyurethane insulation serves as an air shield, resulting in substantial energy savings.

4. Wall of the Wall

A structural insulated panel (SIP) is an extended polystyrene sandwich with two thin layers of oriented strand sheet. This type of pre-fab, composite wall panel can be quickly moved to the work place for a specific job and provide strong support for columns and other similar elements during renovation.

5. Pipes are

Commonly made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), CPVC, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) or polyethylene, plastic pipes are versatile and very lightweight, making them easy to install. All these plastic materials are both extremely chemical and water tolerant, making them ideal for certain extreme conditions.

6. Access, Access

Polycarbonate is used for the design of windows. This plastic material is solid, transparent and very lightweight. Polycarbonate windows are known to be more burglar-proof than standard glass windows. Two composite materials, vinyl and fiberglass, are widely used in the manufacture of window frames. Fiberglass is incredibly solid, whereas vinyl is very sturdy and often affordable.

7. Doorways

Any building projects use doors constructed of a solid polyurethane foam frame with a fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) coating. The sandwich construction of these doors makes them extremely strong.

Author: Ritu Choudhary


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